Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our Top 12 Roll Your Windows Down and Blast It Jams

Summer is, hopefully, just a few short weeks away which means more roadtrips and even more crazy adventures! Now, when we ladies at FoodFragranceFashion get in the car you know we're jamming out. Music is a huge part of our lives and we just can't wait to drive down the interstate blasting our favourite artists. 

So without further ado I present to you Jade and Desiree's Top 12 Roll Your Windows Down and Blast It Jams


1) Go To Hell by Go Radio
 This song is such an anthem. Go Radio is a terrific band out of Tallahassee that I've had the pleasure of seeing numerous times. Jason's voice and emotion filled lyrics are what really make me blast this song. Oh, and the fact I dedicated this to my ex after our breakup(sorry brandon!)

2) So Obvious by Runner Runner
So I HAD to add a Runner Runner song to my list. Anyone who rides in my car knows that I never take this CD out. I have a phenomenal friendship with these guys and this song is just fun. It can be categorized as a love song but it's not a sappy one. The perfect summer jam.

3) Lost In Stereo by All Time Low
This song just begs to be blasted. Easily my favourite ATL track to jam out to on this beautiful summer days

4) Hurricane by Chris Wallace
I loved Chris in The White Tie Affair so of course I would enjoy him as a solo artist. This is another one of those great breakup and moving on tracks. Plays this fullblast.

5) Siren On The 101 by Over It
Perfect driving song! Though I may not be blasting this on the 101 my friend Peter is singing about, I am blasting it on my own 101. Not to mention Over It is just my favourite.

and last but certainly not least *cue drum roll*

6) Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard
This song needs no description. 'nuff said.

Take it away Dezz!

Thanks, Jade! Now onto my top six.

  1. Kids In Love by Mayday Parade 
is such a summery song (cheesy, right?) that is best listened to with your windows rolled down while driving on the interstate. The lyrics talk about a failed teenage love that's full of regret and miscommunication. So good. 

 2.Get Down On Your Knees And Tell Me You Love Me by All Time Low 
is the perfect song to sing while shamelessly trashing your ex in your head. I've had the pleasure of seeing ATL twice, and their live perfomances are incredible. These boys didn't disappoint me, and I know they won't let you down, either. 

 3. Reckless by You Me At Six 
just gives off a total "I don't give a fuck" vibe, which I totally identify with. It's a carefree kind of song that just goes hand in hand with summer. 

4. A Party Song (The Walk Of Shame) by All Time Low
yet again, is such an upbeat song that kind of makes you feel invincible and ready to abandon all of your accumulated stress. 

 5. Weightless By All Time Low
is probably All Time Low's most popular song, and for good reason: it gives you hope. Listen for yourself, and you just might see what I mean. 

 6. And finally, last but not least, Hunt Hunt Hunt by There For Tomorrow rounds up my list of six! 
The baseline in the song's intro is divine, the vocals are incredible, and the instrumentals themselves make you want to get up and dance. 

 So those are our top twelve. What're yours? Comment and let us know! And tell us if you liked our favourites! —xoxo, Desiree.

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