Thursday, March 21, 2013

Go To Lotion

I am obsessed with Bath&Body Works scents. Everytime I go shopping(pretty much every weekend) I buy at least $40 worth of perfume and lotions. I try to keep my scents in season so I'm not smelling like Mango in the middle of a snowstorm. But one scent that never fails me is Brown Sugar and Fig. The perfect lotion to carry around. Although the scent was technically part of their Autumn line the warm scent of fresh fig, warm coconut milk, and caramelized brown sugar is a perfect winter lotion solution. It gives even the worst winter air skin moisture.

An added plus is that Bath&Body Works products do NOT test on animals.

xoxox- jade

(PS who else is obsessed with The Great Gatsby and F. Scott Fitzgerald?)

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