Friday, August 16, 2013

Marvel This

      So, it's been awhile since our last blog post but we're happy to announce we're back! We have so many upcoming OOTD collabs to share with you guys but today's post is dedicated to a recent collab Desiree did with Hot Topic. It's no secret that us FoodFragranceFashion girls are obsessed with Marvel and everything The Avengers. Anyone can tell by the loads of  Avenger inspired clothing we own and how we can quote each movie. 

Today's OOTD collab features this ADORABLE Marvel skirt from Hot Topic.

Desiree went for a more classy and dressy look when she paired this with a black cami and wine coloured lipstick. 

We choose a more scenic photo location and we found ourselves on the playground of our old Elementary school. Which is also where this beautiful friendship started. 

This skirt is a playful and colour splash piece that is perfect for anyone's closet. 

You can purchase this lovely skirt by following this link:

Until next time my loves! Besos xoxo. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Church Street Finds

Spring is officially here to stay in Vermont (finally!) So to celebrate, Desiree and I spent Monday in Burlington. We met up with our friend Shania and after we did a little shopping for a future collab with DEBS clothing, we began our journey downtown. 

After being caught at five or so traffic lights we arrived. Nia, Desiree, and I set out to grab a bite to eat. After little discussion we found ourselves at Boloccos. I was very impressed with the speedy service and just how amazing their burritos tasted. If you are ever near a Bolocos I strongy urge you to order a meat-free Teriyaki burrito. Yum! 

With our full stomachs we set out to do a little photoshooting. We decided to put down the cameras about an hour later after I couldn't resist the local Starbucks any longer. I strayed from my usual Soy Green Tea Frap and ordered a Passion Fruit Tea. Next time I'll stick with my Green Tea Frap. 

Us girls continued investing Church Street and that is when we stumbled upon street musician, Will Overman. Not only was he talented but his fashion sense was incredible. After tipping and listening we asked if we could photograph and feature him on the blog. He accepted and I proceeded to photograph him as he serenaded everyone. 

We ended our day with delicious Green Tea Ice Cream from Dobra Tea and another round of Will Overman. I think I even have a small tan from spending the day out in the sun. Wishful thinking. Enjoy these pictures of Will Overman and check out the link to his facebook below. Besos xoxo --jade. 

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Enjoy this quick video of him we captured! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Hello lovely readers! I am excited to announce that FoodFragranceFashion is doing our first giveaway! We are giving one lucky instagram user a chance to own a beautiful Love necklace! We'll be announcing the winner May 13th so good luck and get to instagramming! xoxo- jade

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Proper Concert Etiquette

I would personally like to apologize to our readers for not posting frequently, on behalf of Desiree and I, we would like you to know we will be posting more. Thanks for staying with us and we hope you enjoy our posts. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram! Blog account: @foodfragrancefashion Jade's account: @jademellissa Desiree's account: @hillpickles

Today's post is about the "proper" way to act at a concert. Now, both Desiree and I are seasoned veterans when it comes to concerts. We've both attended several shows at our homestate venue Higher Ground, traveled out of state to attend Warped Tour, and I've traveled all around the East Coast. We've seen several types of music at each place. We know a thing or two about concerts. I know that people get rowdy at the shows(hell, I get VERY rowdy) but here are some tips on how to act.

1) Don't be extremely pushy. 

Now, before anyone tells me that everyone pushes at a show and it comes with the pit territory let me just explain where I'm coming from. When I talk about being pushy I mean the people who practically jump on top of another person just to be a pain. Jump around and have fun, but don't be that annoying person. 

2) Help each other out.

I bring this up because too many times I have witnessed someone next to me pass out. That is very scary. If you notice a fellow music lover is being overwhelmed, help them. Do all you can to prevent them from having a panic attack, get them water, and most importantly try to get others to back off. Warped tour is where I have seen people pass out from dehydration. Not cool.

3) Be respectful

People payed just like you did to be there. Avoid getting into fights and just go with the flow.

and my final tip is the something that many concert goers do that really bugs me....*cue drumroll*

4) Be polite to the openers.

I, myself, spent the better part of the last two years going to concerts where I was there to see the opener. (i.e Go Radio, Runner Runner, and Paradise Fears). Nothing pissed me off more than when people would totally disregard the openers. I understand that sometimes you don't care for the opening act and may not know them but it's a general rule to be polite. They are onstage trying to entertain you and most of them know you aren't there to see them. The least people can do is show the bands some love.

Thanks for dealing with my very opinionated concert rant. I hope you lovelies have a terrific rest of the week! besos xo-jade

Here's what you gotta know: don't push people. There is nothing more douchey than people who push others during a concert. Don't wear heels. I can't tell you how many times I've been stepped on during concerts by girls jumping up and down in stilettos. It hurts. A lot. Wear skirts or dresses if that's what you want to wear (fuck what people think). If you feel comfortable/beautiful wearing it, go for it. If you're against the barricade don't complain about getting pushed. It's something you should expect. I've seen Sick Puppies, Bruno Mars, All Time Low, We Are The In Crowd, Tonight Alive, Of Mice & Men, Pierce The Veil, Three Doors Down,Go Radio, Safetysuit, Secondhand Serenade, and many other artists, and these tips helped me know what is/isn't okay at concerts. —xoxo, DesirĂ©e.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Adventures on Church Street!

Jade and I went shopping last Saturday and had a blast, as per usual. We wandered through our downtown small big city, Burlington, and discovered some amazing places. Check out a few of the cute items we bought (as well as the pictures Jade and I took)!
Jade's wearing a cute black floral romper and a blue jacket with a lace back from DEBshops, and I'm wearing a black floral romper as well. It also has a lace back, as well as a cut out. I bought it at DEBshops!
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—xoxo, DesirĂ©e.


Hello lovelies! Desiree and I are taking the time to write this post to inform you where we find our fashion inspiration. There are a few women who we look to for fashion, photography, and lifestyle inspiration.

Desiree's List:

Marilyn Monroe

Scarlett Johansson

Olivia Wilde


The hipsters we notice on Church Street(I hope that was a joke)

Jade's List

Madeline Becker

Emma Stone

Whitney Paige

Lisa Ruocco

and the ever gorgeous Lights

Who inspires you? Let us know and feel free to IG your favourite outfits and we'll notice you. Remember to tag @foodfragrancefashion.

besos xoxo-jade

Monday, April 1, 2013


Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Easter with your families. I hope your day, just like mine, was filled with tons of food and awkward family photos. I started my day out going to an Easter mass with my cousin and her gorgeous daughter. It was.....interesting, but fun. Then I took Ella(my DSLR) out for a fun little photoshoot with Coke in a classic bottle and high-waisted shorts. Here is my favourite photo from the 10-15 minute shoot.

Of course the weather just had to get cold so I traded my shorts, flannel, and Dr. Martens in for heather grey leggings, a comfy cardigan, and barn boots. Yes, you read it right. I, Jade, actually wore rubber barn boots yesterday. Though quite unfashionable they certainly were comfy and came in handy when it was time to feed the horses. I guess you could say the fun picked up after that. My dad took my youngest cousin out to fly her kite while the rest of my family got our dinner together. 

4:30 rolled around and I was beyond starving. All I wanted were some deviled eggs. Mind you, I'm from a small town and no stores were open so I wasn't getting my eggs. In steps my future sister in law with deviled eggs. Easter coloured deviled eggs. My brother is a lucky man, his fiance saved my Easter. 
I hope you all enjoyed your Easter. Desiree and I would love to hear about it so leave a comment below! besos xox- jade

PS enjoy my blurry family!