Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Proper Concert Etiquette

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Today's post is about the "proper" way to act at a concert. Now, both Desiree and I are seasoned veterans when it comes to concerts. We've both attended several shows at our homestate venue Higher Ground, traveled out of state to attend Warped Tour, and I've traveled all around the East Coast. We've seen several types of music at each place. We know a thing or two about concerts. I know that people get rowdy at the shows(hell, I get VERY rowdy) but here are some tips on how to act.

1) Don't be extremely pushy. 

Now, before anyone tells me that everyone pushes at a show and it comes with the pit territory let me just explain where I'm coming from. When I talk about being pushy I mean the people who practically jump on top of another person just to be a pain. Jump around and have fun, but don't be that annoying person. 

2) Help each other out.

I bring this up because too many times I have witnessed someone next to me pass out. That is very scary. If you notice a fellow music lover is being overwhelmed, help them. Do all you can to prevent them from having a panic attack, get them water, and most importantly try to get others to back off. Warped tour is where I have seen people pass out from dehydration. Not cool.

3) Be respectful

People payed just like you did to be there. Avoid getting into fights and just go with the flow.

and my final tip is the something that many concert goers do that really bugs me....*cue drumroll*

4) Be polite to the openers.

I, myself, spent the better part of the last two years going to concerts where I was there to see the opener. (i.e Go Radio, Runner Runner, and Paradise Fears). Nothing pissed me off more than when people would totally disregard the openers. I understand that sometimes you don't care for the opening act and may not know them but it's a general rule to be polite. They are onstage trying to entertain you and most of them know you aren't there to see them. The least people can do is show the bands some love.

Thanks for dealing with my very opinionated concert rant. I hope you lovelies have a terrific rest of the week! besos xo-jade

Here's what you gotta know: don't push people. There is nothing more douchey than people who push others during a concert. Don't wear heels. I can't tell you how many times I've been stepped on during concerts by girls jumping up and down in stilettos. It hurts. A lot. Wear skirts or dresses if that's what you want to wear (fuck what people think). If you feel comfortable/beautiful wearing it, go for it. If you're against the barricade don't complain about getting pushed. It's something you should expect. I've seen Sick Puppies, Bruno Mars, All Time Low, We Are The In Crowd, Tonight Alive, Of Mice & Men, Pierce The Veil, Three Doors Down,Go Radio, Safetysuit, Secondhand Serenade, and many other artists, and these tips helped me know what is/isn't okay at concerts. —xoxo, DesirĂ©e.

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