Thursday, April 25, 2013

Church Street Finds

Spring is officially here to stay in Vermont (finally!) So to celebrate, Desiree and I spent Monday in Burlington. We met up with our friend Shania and after we did a little shopping for a future collab with DEBS clothing, we began our journey downtown. 

After being caught at five or so traffic lights we arrived. Nia, Desiree, and I set out to grab a bite to eat. After little discussion we found ourselves at Boloccos. I was very impressed with the speedy service and just how amazing their burritos tasted. If you are ever near a Bolocos I strongy urge you to order a meat-free Teriyaki burrito. Yum! 

With our full stomachs we set out to do a little photoshooting. We decided to put down the cameras about an hour later after I couldn't resist the local Starbucks any longer. I strayed from my usual Soy Green Tea Frap and ordered a Passion Fruit Tea. Next time I'll stick with my Green Tea Frap. 

Us girls continued investing Church Street and that is when we stumbled upon street musician, Will Overman. Not only was he talented but his fashion sense was incredible. After tipping and listening we asked if we could photograph and feature him on the blog. He accepted and I proceeded to photograph him as he serenaded everyone. 

We ended our day with delicious Green Tea Ice Cream from Dobra Tea and another round of Will Overman. I think I even have a small tan from spending the day out in the sun. Wishful thinking. Enjoy these pictures of Will Overman and check out the link to his facebook below. Besos xoxo --jade. 

like him on facebook! 

Enjoy this quick video of him we captured! 

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