Friday, August 16, 2013

Marvel This

      So, it's been awhile since our last blog post but we're happy to announce we're back! We have so many upcoming OOTD collabs to share with you guys but today's post is dedicated to a recent collab Desiree did with Hot Topic. It's no secret that us FoodFragranceFashion girls are obsessed with Marvel and everything The Avengers. Anyone can tell by the loads of  Avenger inspired clothing we own and how we can quote each movie. 

Today's OOTD collab features this ADORABLE Marvel skirt from Hot Topic.

Desiree went for a more classy and dressy look when she paired this with a black cami and wine coloured lipstick. 

We choose a more scenic photo location and we found ourselves on the playground of our old Elementary school. Which is also where this beautiful friendship started. 

This skirt is a playful and colour splash piece that is perfect for anyone's closet. 

You can purchase this lovely skirt by following this link:

Until next time my loves! Besos xoxo. 

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